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History of Fayetteville Cumberland County Ministerial Council

The Fayetteville/ Cumberland County Ministerial Council, Inc., (FCCMC) was organized in 1957 on Christian principles, to conduct its business as a Christian, nonprofit organization for charitable and educational endeavors in Fayetteville and surrounding communities.

Philosophy is to promote unity surrounded by diversity- with inclusiveness for all people. To support all creeds and religious groups, with regards to community service involvement and awareness. 

Purpose is to promote the spirit of Christian fellowship and to encourage spiritual and intellectual growth among council members. It shall be the purpose and aim of this organization to inspire interdenominational cooperation among the churches of the city and county, without regard to race or nationality, and to give serious consideration to all matters of social, civic, moral, spiritual welfare, and best interest of the community.

Most importantly, we strive to expand the opportunities available, such as educational development for ministers, pastors, lay persons, church groups, and to establish training programs especially to those who are economically under-privileged; to assist said groups in developing church administration and management skills necessary for the successful operation of their churches and church ministry, and to assist said groups in obtaining such financial support from other sources. 

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