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Pastor Sharon T. Journigan for being awarded Religious Leader of the Year for Fayetteville Cumberland Human Relations Commission. You are a pastor, an FPD Chaplain, FCCMC President, a Burn Counselor for NC Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC, a Community Advocate for Domestic Violence, a partner with her daughter, Trina, From Trauma to Triumpant, which they present to women in the Community and youth groups, as well. Pastor Journigan became President of FCCMC during the pandemic in 2020 and refused to be deterred in commitment in still giving scholarships and still hosting MLK Brunch in 2021. She united various denominations in praying for the City-County in the Praying at the Gates Prayer vigils, Fortify the Gates, and works diligently to remove barriers that separate us. She and members of the Council worked faithfully in the 2022 election, Souls to the Polls, and knocking on doors. Pastor/President Journigan leads by example with her main advisor being the Holy Spirit. His Voice is the ultimate decision-maker for her.
pastor Journigan Photo.jpg
Sharon Thompson-Journignan
FCCMC, President
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